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Our dental hygiene services

Your periodontal (gum) health is integral to everything we do. Healthy gums mean good, strong foundations for any dental treatment, whether it is dental implants, orthodontic treatment, or crowns, bridges and fillings. This is why we have invested heavily in our dental hygiene services to help your mouth be the best it can be.


Guided Biofilm Therapy

The latest innovation in dental hygiene treatment, EMS has developed a protocol designed to treat biofilm and maintain healthy teeth over time. This protocol, called Guided Biofilm Therapy, combines professional tooth cleaning at your dental clinic with proper dental care practised at home.


What is Biofilm?

Dental biofilm describes the layers of bacterial cells firmly attached to the tooth surface. We describe the visible accumulation on the tooth surface as plaque.

Why is it so important?

Biofilm triggers tooth decay, bad breath, gingivitis (bleeding gums), periodontal disease (gum disease), tooth loss and implant failure.

Studies also show that biofilm increases the risk of many systemic illnesses including Alzheimer's, cardiovascular disease, premature birth, respiratory disease, diabetes, amongst others.

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No More Pain

Professional tooth cleaning with Guided Biofilm Therapy is nothing like the traditional methods dating back to the 60s. With our investment in EMS's new pain-free devices, all we use is water, air and a gentle powder to remove harmful biofilm and staining and leave you with a healthy smile.


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Don't just listen to us, visit the Guided Biofilm Therapy Website to see what others have to say, and find out more about the benefits of GBT.

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