Our Membership Options

At Oris we believe everyone should have access to top-quality dental care, and as such we have a range of membership options for all our patients. We always welcome new NHS patients, but for us to be able deliver the highest quality tailored dental care at the most convenient times of day, we recommend one of our clinic membership options. This comes with discounts on all private treatments, worldwide dental cover and the guarantee of dependable, high-quality treatment whenever you need it.


from £9.99 per month

  • Up to 20% off all of our high-quality treatment options

  • Priority evening and early morning appointments

  • Continuity of care - see the same dentist every time you come in

  • Two comprehensive dental examinations and one, two or four hygiene visits included every year

  • Worldwide dental cover for peace of mind when travelling

  • All the benefits of the latest clinical techniques and dental technology

the highest quality treatment at the most convenient times for you.


free to join

  • The most flexibility for your dental plan

  • No recurring costs - pay only when you come in

  • Full access to only the highest quality dental treatments

  • Access to priority evening and early morning appointments

complete flexibility to choose your treatment as and when its required

  • Basic and affordable dental treatment

  • Exemptions from fees available

  • Free* examinations, twice a year

  • Access to private treatment

      *Government funded according to current NHS terms

free to join

basic dental care and government subsidised treatment