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Your First Visit to Monifieth Dental Clinic

At Monifieth Dental Clinic we like to get to know you, that's why all our new patient appointments are a full 45-minutes and are carried out by one of our lead dentists who can help you achieve your smile goals.

When you arrive for your first appointment one of our friendly reception staff will welcome you and sign you in. We'll get you to confirm your details and fill in one of our medical history forms. If you take any prescription medications it's often easier to bring a copy of your drugs list with you, which we can scan in and keep for our records. When you're ready, your dentist will come and meet you and take you through to one of our surgeries. This is when your consultation begins!


We begin by asking two simple questions:

  1. What would you like to get from your dental treatment? Is it to stabilise your dental health and prevent the loss of more teeth? Is it to increase the number of teeth in your dentition? Is it to improve the cosmetics of your smile? This is your chance to dream big and tell us what perfection would be for you.

  2. How quickly would you like to get there? Are you wanting everything done as soon as possible? Are you working to a specific deadline - a wedding day perhaps? Are you just wanting an idea of costs so you can plan ahead? Often, carrying out treatment as one cohesive treatment plan allows us to design each stage of the treatment with the others in mind and co-ordinate the treatments most effectively. That said, we appreciate that this isn't right for everyone, and can always incorporate flexibility to adapt to what your time and resources allow.


It helps to have a think in advance about what your answers will be - the more detail you can give us at this stage the better.

We'll then give you a thorough intra-oral examination. This is nothing to fear, and is simply an in-depth check-up to gauge our starting point - you don't have to be scoring perfect 10s yet; we're working on that! During this we check for any decay, make records of your gum health, record a chart of your mouth and look for any existing restorations that are poorly fitting or may be prone to imminent failure. We also screen for signs of mouth cancers for your peace of mind.

We'll then take full X-Ray and photographic records to support us in planning your treatment. We can use these to pick up on anything that might have been hidden from view in the mouth. We may also take a 3shape scan of your mouth as this point too. This produces a complete digital model of your entire dentition, accurate to fractions of a millimetre, which our laboratories can use to 3D-print any restorations you need and mill them into the exact shape of your existing teeth. This gives a wonderfully natural feel and ensures perfect fit and form of everything we give you, while also removing the need for messy and uncomfortable impressions from our treatment process.

By this point, the dentist will have a good idea what your options will be, and will take time to explain these to you in detail. We'll outline costs, timescales and explain what to expect. The dentist will have plenty time at this stage to answer any questions you have, but don't worry if you're not ready to commit to anything at this stage. We'll book you in for a free review appointment with us at your convenience, usually in around a fortnight's time, to follow up and get everything in place. In the mean time we'll get a personalised letter out to you, with all your treatment options detailed in hard copy. We'll enclose full quotatations of all your options and give you some supplementary information sheets to look over for a little more detail about the treatment process. We'll also include a patient declaration form so you're aware of the risks inherent with any medical treatment and can go ahead fully informed.


The following review is appointment is our chance to dot the i's and cross the t's. If you're ready to go ahead with treatment we'll get your first appointment(s) for treatment booked in, and we'll confirm a full breakdown of fees with you. If you're able to bring back a signed copy of the declaration included with your letter at this appointment then you're all good to go! You're now underway with your first Monifieth Dental Clinic treatment plan and can look forward to getting one step closer to that smile you've always wanted. If there are still some things you're not sure about however, this is the perfect chance to get these clarified for you, or indeed explore any alternatives that may be more suited.

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